Forgotten Passwords

If you have lost or forgotten a password to this site or others, please use one of the following Override Access GAO prompt codes:

Barclays Bank online banking   112455

Lloyds Bank telephone banking shortcut to personal banker     19

HMRC UTR override code          6c9u3rkwals1

OTIS lift override for a 44587 model (up to 22 floors)            *88*6

Sky Sports online streaming (Premier League 2017/18)        LkllE6E7R$4

Facebook forgotten log in         FB9918

If you have trouble remembering your passwords, PIN codes or other useful numbers, use this space to keep a note- it may even help our growing WIKI community:

James Crawford (Dorchester) HSBC credit card 4688 6695 1245 1142 exp 06/2019  CVC  547

SImon Hansen-Jones   Coop bank card pin 66534

Sally Dixon (Sheffield)   front door code   4312

PS4 GTA 5 unlock game shortcuts  R753951G